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Intro Offer

If this is your first visit to the studio, this is the best option to experience a variety of classes and teachers for 14 days.

Redeem Your New Student Intro Offer:
  1. Complete the New Student Registration form.

  2. Purchase your 14 day intro offer for $59

  3. Attend 2-3 classes per week 

  4. Purchase a membership prior to the end of your Intro Offer and receive 1/2 OFF your first month!

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  • What should I wear?
    Wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to stretch and move.
  • Why did you change your name to Fire & Flow?
    What a crazy ride it’s been! We opened in 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic. After a year in our space we found out that our building had been purchased and we needed to find a new home (which took a good 9 mths to find). During this time we also discovered that our clients were not only seeking power yoga, but restorative and therapeutic yoga (breathwork, sound immersions, etc.). With the timing of the move, this lead us to the discussion of having a name that better reflects all that we offer. In addition, in our market there are several yoga franchises, and while we are and still plan to be an Baptiste Yoga Affiliate, we have total autonomy over what classes we offer and what experiences we provide for our clients. While the Baptiste Methodology is the foundation for our studio, we also love that we offer a variety of styles of classes taught by a group of passionate, uniquely trained teachers.
  • Is there an age limit?
    To practice on your own, we recommend middle school or older. However, with the variety of classes that we offer, it truly depends on your child. Please feel free to discuss with Cindi (owner) Jordan (manager) or the teacher if you are unsure. Any child under 18 must have a legal guardian signed waiver.
  • Are any classes appropriate for beginners?
    Yes! We consider many of our classes all levels and we encourage to jump into any class and then to listen to your body. Take child’s pose when you need it, grab water, etc. However, not everyone wants to “jump” in that way. For beginners we recommend: -Weekly Beginner class or [3] class private We Love Beginners session -Gentle Morning Flow (non heated) -Chair Yoga -Candlelight Yin -Any Yin Class -Slow Flow (low heated) We create an environment in which each student can practice to their own level and ability. We introduce the basic asana (posture/pose) and offer modifications for beginners and more advanced practitioners. This practice is truly for everyone, especially you!
  • It's my first time, what to do?
    WELCOME to Fire & Flow Yoga -- YOUR yoga studio! We are so glad you are here and can't wait to meet you. If you are new to yoga, visit our New Student Tips for all of the details. Register on our site or the MindBody platform and select a class. Choose a drop in or the best option, 2 week intro offer only $59.
  • What type of yoga is Baptiste Power Yoga?
    Baptiste yoga exists to awaken and empower you to discover the FULL POTENTIAL of your life via: Asana (the physical stuff) Meditation (the calming stuff) Inquiry (the stuff that will change your life) The foundation of Baptiste Yoga is a vinyasa (flow) yoga accessible to all. Please click here for individual class descriptions. Learn more about Baptiste yoga below: The History and Pillars Behind Practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga
  • I have an injury. Can I still practice?
    Yes, with your doctor's approval. Please let your instructor know you have a specific injury, and we can offer you several modifications. We also offer private tutorials that specialize in showing you how to work with your injuries and stay in the practice.
  • What should I bring?
    Bring your yoga mat, a towel, & water. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class starts to get signed in and setup.
  • What if I'm running late?
    We know life happens. Please call or text the studio to let us know and if there is front desk staff, they will be looking for you. However, if the only person at the studio is the teacher, the door will be locked when class begins.
  • I'm pregnant. Can I still practice?
    Congratulations! In general, anything you do prior to pregnancy can be done during pregnancy. However, ALWAYS consult with your doctor. Poses can be modified throughout pregnancy to accommodate your changing body. Each term will bring different adjustments that need to be made, so please let your instructor know if you are pregnant. Often yoga teachers are the first to hear the good news!

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New Student Tips

Community and connection are for everyone here at Fire & Flow Yoga!


We welcome you wherever you are at on your yoga journey and hope these tips will help all who are new to yoga or just new to Fire & Flow!

1 / Arrive Early

Arrive at least 10 minutes before class (door may be locked once class starts).

2 / Heated or Non-Heated

The studio is heated between 85 - 96 degrees (check class description) for power classes. Non heated classes include: Yin, Gentle Flow & Chair Yoga.

3 / Hydrate

Drink water before and after class. Coconut water and bananas are great sources of natural electrolytes to re-hydrate. We also have supplemental electrolytes for purchase.

4 / Prepare to Sweat

In our heated classes you will sweat. Wear clean, light & breathable athletic wear and remember to wipe down your mat after class.

5 / The Essentials

Bring what you need for class (water, mats and sweat towels). We have all for purchase in studio as well as filtered water.


If you’re taking class livestream, make sure you download zoom and check your email 20 min before class for your class link.

6 / Drop Expectations

Most importantly...drop whatever expectations you have - let the class be what it is, you are ready now!

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